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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 12, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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because it would be a big mistake and sure enough the news comes out, he's staying. >> reporter: as far as we know he's still going, he's just delaying his trip by three days. it's a significant development. nonetheless, tamron, the president told the house democratic leadership some days ago that if they needed him to stick around for a couple of days, and mind you he was supposed to leave on the 18th and that is next thursday, he told them if they needed him, he would stick around. so apparently they have given him the word and it's time to fish or cut bait in the house of representatives, the procedural politics very complicated like three-level chess, tamron. i can't begin to explain it all to you. right now they are trying by any means possible in the house of representatives to get enough democrats with every single republican in the house against this bill planning to vote no. they're going to do all kinds of procedural twists and turns to try to get this through the house of representatives. a lot of it depends on the trust, the trust house democrats said if these democrats stick their next out, will the senate vote for what the house has already passed? so very sensitive here. this march 21st deadline has the
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effect now of becoming much firmer. when robert gibbs came out and said march 18 he wanted something out of the house by then, that was always nebulous from the get-go. march 21st, now, the president's on a plane barring something unforeseen or another delay to indonesia, guam, and australia. >> do we have any idea how many democrats in the house are right now at least publicly or maybe even some of your inside information indicating that they are against voting yes for this health care reform? >> reporter: well, keep in mind when this first went through the house of representatives in early november they had, i believe it was 39 democrats who voted against this bill. there was one republican. they won't get him again. add to that the 12 democrats of the so-called stupak faction who are concerned about the abortion language apparently going to be in this bill and are promising to vote against it. house democratic leaders say, look, we can't negotiate on this abortion thing. it's outside the parameters. really what we can do procedural
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ly complicated but we can pick off maybe a half dozen of them. the balance of the votes they need to put this over the top are going to have to come from those 39, mostly from very moderate districts, districts that voted for john mccain for president while they were voting for democrats for the house of representatives. they're going to have to draw from that pool to try to get them to switch back over, tamron. >> mike, thank you. and right now president obama is in a closed door meeting at the white house with his national security team being briefed on afghanistan and pakistan. among those attending secretary of state hillary clinton and admiral michael mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. we also have some breaking news in pakistan. another explosion heard after an already violent day in the eastern city of lahore. so far there are no reports of any deaths in this latest attack but earlier today a pair of suicide bombers targeted army vehicles in the city. the explosions were detonated within seconds of one another. the death toll has risen to 43 with another 100 people injured in that attack. and now to the multimillion-dollar settlement
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that could be paid to victims in the aftermath of september 11th. more than 10,000 rescue and recovery workers who spent day after day at or near ground zero ended up suffering from various sicknesses from chronic coughs to some cases cancer. >> i should just videotape him at 3:00 in the morning when he's sleeping, hunched over and kauchg -- coughing up blood and walking into my bathroom seeing blood on the counter. >> december of last year, christmas night, as a matter of fact, i started coughing up blood. >> nbc's jeff rossen joins us with details of this $657 million settlement. jeff, mayor michael bloomberg is being quoted as saying he really wanted to get this taken care of. i understand now it goes before a judge today. then what happens? >> reporter: 2:00 p.m. the judge could say yes or no on this. both sides will be there. the workers have to approve it. what's interesting about the settlement, this is what took so long to get it done, the city of new york takes no liability for
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this. they admit no fault, tamron. this is the city saying they will use federal money if that makes any sense. the city had to approve it. this will be from a $1 billion grant from the federal government so federal money paying the $657 million as you mentioned, 10,000 outstanding lawsuits by these 9/11 first responders and they could start to be paid if this goes through today, as many believe it will, within the next couple of months, tamron. >> and this would also be a part of the money, jeff, for long-term care as well? >> reporter: exactly. for long-term care and also some other money going toward cancer as well. those details still yet to be worked out. we hope to learn more at that 2:00 news conference and the court hearing but, yeah, $657 million for long-term care as well. >> thank you very much, jeff. and the controversy surrounding former new york congressman eric massa has taken on new focus. it is now less about allegations of sexual harassment and more
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about what happened after complaints regarding massa's behavior were made, what the democratic leaders do about it. the house overwhelmingly passed a gop resolution for the ethics committee to investigate. nbc's kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill and, kelly, many people are comparing this to how the republicans reacted to mark foley when those allegations about him were made and questions were raised as to whether or not the leadership of the republican party handled it effectively and now you have the democrats in the hot seat with one of their own. >> reporter: the similarities really are very comparable and it makes people say is this just a political sort of shoe on the other foot scenario? well, some people argue it both ways. when i've talked to both democrats and republicans about this especially in a current environment where ethics is a big issue, they felt compelled to at least ask the question, should the ethics committee take a look at how it was handled? now speaker pelosi insists that all the proper steps were taken, once a report of something that crossed a line into sexual harassment was made known, it went immediately to the ethics
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committee but we did learn there were some warning signals that happened months ago when some members of the congressman's staff at that time raised concerns. that was back in october, and the speaker said she did not know anything about it then, and she talked with msnbc's rachel maddow about this very point. >> i'm now finding out there had been a conversation earlier, but it had nothing to do to even come close to any kind of an allegation. >> reporter: so what was the difference? the sexual harassment allegations that came in february, that wasn't going on in terms of what people were talking about back in october. it was really more of a complaint about how the congressman was handling his staff in terms of the atmosphere in the office with foul language and things like that, a very different circumstance, says the speaker. republ republicans are saying, wait, wait, wait, let's be sure we understand this because they're responsible for the staffers who work in these offices and for setting a tone.
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so that's what happened and with so many democrats voting in favor of this, there's a strong feeling that the ethics committee will do some kind of report. tamron? >> all right, kelly, thank you. and senate majority leader harry reid's wife is in the hospital today. she broke her back and neck in a pretty serious car accident. she and her daughter were driving in their minivan in virginia with virginia when a tractor-trailer rear-ended them. a serial child molester scheduled to be released from prison today in california will not go free after all. 65-year-old george joseph england spent the last three years behind bars after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting three girls in the mid-'70s. he was supposed to be set free today but federal authorities have filed a new warrant for his arrest. >> although england wants you to believe that he's feeble and old, elderly, he's really a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> joining me live now is a
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reporter from the "orange county register." thank you for joining us. what do these new charges involve? >> the new federal charges that were filed yesterday involve allegations of possession of child pornography on england's computer as well as transporting a child over state lines and it involves the alleged victim who spoke during the state prosecutor's press conference yesterday in orange county. >> and regarding the prosecution, their reaction to rearrest or put this arrest out for joseph england, is it a part of the public pressure? i mean people hear this guy is getting out, he could be a threat to their children and they demand action? >> i think so. it was very odd. i was at the press conference yesterday and orange county district attorney got a call that the feds were going to step in and make sure that he was not
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released by filing these new charges. the office had been pretty vocal regarding its criticism of the california department of mental health which decided the serial molester is safe to be released, so i do believe that the feds were looking into mr. england but were not able to pursue the case until late in the day -- until the day before he was scheduled to be released. >> is his attorney trying to fight this? >> you know, itch not heard from an attorney right now. he is going to be, i believe, extradited to florida for the new charges. so i don't think he is being represented at the moment. >> all right, thank you very much. we'll keep on top of this story and bring the audience developments. police in california have released surveillance video that could be a big break in the case of that missing san diego family. the tapes show what could be the mcstay family crossing the
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border into mexico. the family has been missing now for one month. the video was shot federal eighth, the same day the family's car was located near the border. joseph mcstay, his wife summer, and their two young kids were last heard from february 4th. and record amount of rain in south florida. west palm beach broke the daily record for rainfall at 7:00 this morning with 12.9 inches of rain. the rain is not expected to stop anytime soon. look at the video. flood watches have been extended for south and central florida and the same system will bring heavy rain to the mid-atlantic and northeast region tomorrow. and new details on the suspect charged with murder of a california teenager, newly released documents show convicted sex offender john gardner violated parole in 2007 by living within a half mile of a school, but he avoided jail time by moving out in two weeks. gardner was on parole after serving a five-year sentence for molesting a 13-year-old girl
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back in 2000. last week he pled not guilty to to murdering chelsea king and is under investigation for the murder of another teenager amber dubois. and a former toyota attorney has less than an hour to turn over thousands of pages of potentially incriminating documents subpoenaed by a house committee. but, in spite of the problems, toyota sales are suddenly skyrocketing. more on this from cnbc's phil lebeau who is in chicago. >> reporter: what's been a rough week for toyota will be capped today with what could be damaging documents being revealed as they're turned over to a congressional subcommittee investigating the japanese automaker. they involve allegations from a former corporate attorney that toyota has hidden potentially safety defects, defects that the public as well as regulators should know about. it's unclear exactly what's inside these documents aside from the allegations from the corporate -- former corporate attorney who says toyota should have done more and gone further
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notifying the public about potential safety defects. despite all the bad news this week with more reports of unintended acceleration, toyota sales are actually holding up relatively well. the company's sales are up 50% in the first eight days of this month. now granted that's in comparison to march of last year which was a horrific year for auto sales. still, generous incentives of five years, 0% financing plus two years of complimentary maintenance have people coming into toyota dealerships and there's a large pool of loyal toyota owners in america, people who have not had problems with their cars who have owned toyotas for many years who are saying this is a great opportunity to buy a new model with a great financing price. that's the latest on toyota. back to you. >> all right, phil, thank you. and at one time he was one of john edwards' most trusted advisers. now he's back in court because of a suspected sex tape allegedly featuring the former presidential candidate. why andrew young will be back in court later today. and campaign politics and ethics
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as we mentioned some pretty rough weather right now in florida that's also expected tomorrow to pound parts of the east coast. take a look at some of these travel delays. already two-hour delays in fi philadelphia and 45 minutes in new york/laguardia airport. we're keeping an eye on this situation as this storm and they're describing it as a nor'easter, near new york, washington, d.c., up to boston according to bill karins. also former john edwards' aide andrew young back in court this afternoon. on tuesday a north carolina judge nearly sent young to jail for contempt. now he's been changing his story about an alleged edwards sex tape featuring the former
11:17 am
presidential candidate and his then mistress rielle hunter. norah o'donnell, quite honestly it's difficult to keep up with this one. i thought andrew young had turned over a tape to the judge. what's at stake here and what's going on now? >> reporter: the question is whether there are more tapes, more pictures, more items that have to deal with john edwards and his mistress, rielle hunter. in fact, it is judgment day today for andrew young. the judge is going to decide whether to throw him and his wife in jail. he's got to turn over what they believe may be missing items or explain the sort of mishandling of all these different items. what's at stake here is potential additional copies of a sex tape. also they want to know particularly about a thumb drive or a flash drive. there were two, perhaps, only one handed over. one is maybe still missing. the judge wants to know what,
11:18 am
pictures of dozens of photos of a nude, pregnant rielle hunter. also a list of the names of 34 names penned by hunter entitled the slut club. there's a lot of additional stuff andrew young has not been truthful with the judge, has provided inaccuracies. today is the hearing at 2:00 and whether andrew young is going to turn over some additional information or he's got to offer this essentially full accounting of why he has repeatedly been inaccurate, under oath about what was going on. here is the issue, tamron. he had said essentially this one copy or the copies of the sex tape were under lock and key. and then it turns out that they had rielle hunter's attorneys said that's not true. they produced an affidavit by an investigative journalist robert draper who said, no, he actually showed me a copy. andrew young says he can't remember that. maybe he drank too much wine so again and again and again they've presented to this judge some instances where andrew young apparently was not telling the truth and that's why this judge is angry and he says i'll throw you in jail if you don't
11:19 am
come clean by 2:00 today. >> and, norah, i understand elizabeth edwards' sister is speaking out using some of this du dustup with andrew young now as a point about the fact they believe he's not credible and say he's been lying regarding elizabeth edwards. >> reporter: i'm glad you brought that up. clearly elizabeth edwards is no fan of andrew young who was john edwards' closest aide who many people think enabled john edwards in his relationship with rielle hunter. andrew young has said some not very nice things. now elizabeth edwards' sister is speaking out and saying, see, the fact the judge thinks andrew young has been untruthful proves our point this is not a trustworthy guy. >> norah, thank you very much. we'll see what happens in the courtroom today and we'll be live to bring you the latest. we'd like to know what you think. twitter us at, your thoughts on this swirl of problems that continues for john edwards. and what to do if your gas pedal takes control of your toyota? nbc's tom costello joins us with
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welcome back. new york attorney general andrew cuomo has recused him seven from the investigation into new york governor david paterson. paterson faces allegations that he and his staff interfered in a domestic violence case involving his top aide and that he lied about accepting world series tickets last year. cuomo has appointed former state chief judge judith kay to lead the investigation. with "the new york post," fred, good to see you again. this move by attorney general
11:24 am
cuomo, wasn't it expected? >> well, it was not unexpected. it could have gone either way. in recent days the attorney general has gotten a lot of criticism, dropping in the polls, people have been suggesting he somehow is conflicted and that he should e recuse himself. i think politically it made accepts for him to do so. >> and the idea of recusing himself certainly is out there because it's been widely reported and speculated that cuomo wants to be the next governor of the state? >> yeah, but that's something of a can ard. as we know paterson took himself out of the race, so there wasn't a conflict anymore. surely he could not have investigated a candidate paterson but a lame duck paterson i think would have been fine if he had gone ahead. >> and what do we know about judge kay? >> interestingly enough it was cuomo's father mario cuomo who named her to the court. they've had a longstanding relationship but no indication of any impropriety. she is a well-regarded jurist who achieved a very positive reputation when she was on the
11:25 am
court of appeals, the highest court in new york. >> is there any indication governor paterson is perhaps going to give in to the pressure? we've not seen or heard a lot of him. >> well, you mean by throwing in the towel? >> right. >> as we all thought he was going to do last week. >> right. >> at the moment he seems to have a second wind and i think for good reason. it looks like he can hold on unless this investigation now headed by judge kaye comes up with a finding of criminal conduct or something unexpected, another shoe drops. >> all right, fred dicker, thank you very much. the search for a man accused in a savage attack on a woman in a bar after she said no to dancing with him. >> reporter: what to do if your toyota seems to be stuck with the accelerator down. we'll talk about that and do a little show and tell. my eyes water. but with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed.
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let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fiber and whole grain... making him a great contender in this bout... against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing ) keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats! didn't know i had it in me. new concerns today that a u.s. citizen was recruited by al
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qaeda. sharif mobley grew up in new jersey and now he's behind bars in yemen. he's accused of killing a guard while trying to break out of a hospital in that country and now, listen to this, a spokesman for a group of nuclear power plants in new jersey said the 26-year-old previously worked at the plant. and joining me live now is an nbc news terrorism analyst. he's also president of a consulting firm. thank you for joining me. this is very interesting you had this jihad jane earlier this week, the story of this western woman with the appearance of being recruited and now this story. is this an indication al qaeda is trying to look for people from the united states who don't fit the stereotype of what an al qaeda member is? >> well, tamron, they definitely are. part of the m.o. was to find people with clean passports that didn't fit what would be the traditional profile of who is a member of al qaeda. but in each of these cases, jihad jane was on the fbi's radar screen for a long time. and this person mobley, the
11:30 am
united states had known about him for some time, and because he was operating in very bad circles in yemen, he was a person of concern. clearly he had an affiliation, direct or indirect with senior members of al qaeda. he has a bigger problem on his hands right now and that's he's killed a yemeni security official and that just opens up a whole set of circumstances in dealing with him. >> what do you think he worked at this nuclear power plant in new jersey? >> reporter: not much actually. he was a day laborer. he probably had access to the facility, but sometimes we worry about the potential al qaeda operatives who know the security schematics or understand how the security laydown works at these plants. i don't think that's a case with this individual. if he had any type of knowledge it was very basic and wouldn't help anybody we would be worried about. >> and let me ask you, do we know how the yemen authorities were able to capture him? >> reporter: well, he was
11:31 am
operating with a bad set of people, and the fact that he was speaks a lot to what he was -- what his intent was. we don't know his exact role yet. i don't think the united states government knows it either. the fact he was rounded up by yemen with a group of others associated with aq and yemen says a lot, and the fact he tried to bust out of this hospital and killed a yemen ese security guard means there's two issues for the united states. one how do you deal with an american in trouble but, second is, how do you deal with an american who has killed a foreign national, a security official, and in that country, punishable by death. a separate issue altogether. >> and the fact he was arrested in this roundup by yemeni officials, is this proof that they are now trying to crack down on their problem which is thus our problem? >> reporter: yeah, i think it's an important question. the short answer is, yes. yemen realizes they have a major problem on their hands, one that dates well before the christmas day bombing attempt in detroit.
11:32 am
they are trying to do more and you're seeing the pso, the security organization, being far more aggressive. that's the good news. the bad news is the problem there runs very, very deep, is a threat to the president in yemen and a threat to american interests there as well. >> all right, roger cressey, president of a consulting firm. and ballots are still being counted in iraq following the parliamentary election. results have only been released in six of the 18 provinces excluding baghdad. and iraqi shiite religious alliance with ties to iran is leading so far in one southern province. and we've seen the video of toyotas that allegedly sped up out of control and we heard the 911 tapes. well, today we want to answer the question, is there a right way to stop your car if it suddenly accelerates? nbc's tom costello is in washington obviously with a vehicle and some very interesting information for all of us, quite honestly, tom.
11:33 am
>> reporter: well, we have a prius here. this is advice for any toyota and for that matter really any car. what do you do if the accelerator seems to get stuck? how do you handle that situation? this is the advice from the experts and the folks that have been researching this problem. to begin with, the first piece of advice is to put both feet on the brake, and you don't pump the brake. you want to apply solid pressure to the brake. and at the same time, this is again assuming that the car is stuck with the gas pedal down, at the same time you want to move the shifter over to neutral. on a prius the way to do that is you take this gear shift, if you will, and you have to hold it until it engages in neutral. if you're in another traditional car you would move it up like that until you get into neutral. and then you just literally try to coast over to the side of the road. here's the problem. you've heard some people say that they weren't able to get it into neutral for whatever reason, so they decided to turn the car off, but they couldn't turn the car off. on a prius, you've got to hold the button down for power for about three seconds until it
11:34 am
shuts off. you really should be in neutral in order to make that happen but you've got to hold that button down for three minutes. in a traditional car you need to be in neutral and turn the key to turn the car off. that really is a last resort, tamron. they really say you've got to try to get it in neutral and move over to the side of the road because once you turn the car off you face the real possibility that you will lose power steering and maybe make it even more difficult to get out of the way. >> tom, i think it was the incident in california where the guy said he tried to -- was told to pull the emergency brake. does that help? >> reporter: they don't recommend that. they recommend you put both feet on the brake, the primary brake and get into neutral, not recommending you pull the emergency brake. the trouble is that individual in california never actually shifted into neutral until the police officer arrived, as we understand it. >> right. this is valuable and as you pointed out not just for people
11:35 am
who own toyotas but any vehicle out there. >> reporter: and you know what? let's underscore one more thing. this is critical. listen, this is extraordinarily rare that this happens to a vehicle, to a toyota, to a prius, it's extraordinarily rare, so we're talking about very, very rare cases in which this is actually happening. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. well, a surprising rise in retail sales. the commerce department says sales rose 0.3% in february. sales were expected to actually fall 0.2%. restaurants and bars enjoyed their biggest gain actually in nearly two years. and just three hours ago apple started taking preorders and courtney hazlett says, yes, the ipad. being limited to two per order. they can pick up the pads in stores. >> if you're look iing for me o april 3rd -- >> courtney will be there april 3rd. and speaking of courtney, celebrity magazines are full of
11:36 am
case gosselin gossip. we have courtney with us already in studio. i actually wanted to hear more about this. >> i feel like you feel strongly about this, kate gosselin, and to bring people up to speed she is on "dancing with the stars" if you somehow missed that. "dancing with the stars" tapes and rehearses in california and kate, as we know, lives in pennsylvania. >> i felt sorry for her. people have been slamming her and i happened to be in the grocery store and see that she's responding to all of these people attacking her for going on the show. >> i think that there's definitely a double standard at work. if she were a single father going on this show, people would not be as vocal about it. i think she's getting criticism because she's the mom leaving the house with these eight kids and john gosselin came forward saying, well, you're not changing my visitation arrangements to make up for the fact you're going to be gone more. at the end of the day this is a six-figure-plus paycheck for kate gosselin who has to help support eight children. this is an enormous responsibility. she is doing this because she
11:37 am
needs to be employed on some level and, guess what, pretty hard to hold down a job when you have eight children. >> she said something to the fact it breaks her heart when people say she's not a good mom. >> i think any mother would feel like that and when you multiply it by the fact she's taking big risks she's had to take such as putting her life on a television show. she is still under contract with tlc. they're not filming the kids anymore. they're working on a show with just her. let's cut this woman slack. until you have proof, please stop say iing she's a bad mothe. >> what else do you have? >> we've been talking through the year about katherine heigl on "grey's anatomy." she hasn't been showing up for work a lot lately. she was supposed to come back to the show march 1st. >> so she is still on the snow. >> she is still on the show but she had a three-month maternity leave, adopted a baby early in the year, and was supposed to be back march 1st and didn't show up to work according to a number of sources. these shoeps are taping their final episodes. abc's show schedule, "modern
11:38 am
family," they're taping their finale this week. there's not a lot of time for her coming back. she is working out an exit agreement with her contract and wants to go into film. her last film grossed $88 million. not her best but up to $148 million. she has a lucrative career ahead of her there. >> she has been plagued by rumors and stories that she's difficult, that her mom is a momanger. >> mom plus manager word i can never pronounce either. i've heard the same rumors, people on the set there, she's not the easiest person to work with by all accounts, i'm told. you know what, 98% of actors aren't that easy to work with. she got into "grey's anatomy" it was a huge break and she started to get a taste of movies. >> she does very well from those dollar figures. >> do you know who else is doing way? jay leno. it's now two weeks since he's been back in his old timeslot. so a lot of the numbers are beginning to come back just how
11:39 am
well he did. leno, for the week ending march 5th, had 5.6 million total viewers. letterman 3.7 million total viewers. so in that first week, he won out. i think it's important to point out there are nights during this week, for example, that important demo 18 to 49, letterman eked out jay leno some nights though leno had the total number of viewers. i think at the end of the day this is going to come down to a very tight race on a week-to-week basis and more exciting booking will win for that night. >> and letterman got the buzz of the guy pleading guilty. >> he had a little bit more buzz going into that tuesday night show but i do think at the end of the day our viewing habits have changed so much, the dvr is real competition now and what people need to -- in order to sit down and turn on the tv when the show actually airs is an exciting guest lineup. >> i'm happy for jay leno. thank you, courtney, for the
11:40 am
latest go to and there are some things considered news in the world but there are a few stories this morning that make us say no way. you've heard about the push to tax soda. just yesterday we told you about a proposed ban on salt in restaurants. well, now listen to this, some ideas floating around about taxing pizza almost 20%. researchers in the journal "archives of internal medicine" suggest the tax could be a weapon in the fight against obesity. the team estimates that an 18% tax on pizza could cut daily intake by 56 calories per person resulting in weight loss of five pounds per person, per year. obesity costs the u.s. an estimated $147 billion a year in health costs. and some bad news/good news/bad news for a woman in berlin. here's the story. the bad news, she thought someone was trying to break into her home, so she called police. the good news, it turned out
11:41 am
just to be her boyfriend trying to surprise her with flowers and wine. but here's the more bad news. he was arrested anyway because the guy had an outstanding warrant. true story. so could tiger woods be preparing his big comeback? if he does, what would it mean for golf? what does it mean for him? and then a professional photographer is a now convicted serial killer who could face the death penalty. but there's a public plea to help identify some of the women in his photographs. i was active, eating healthy. i thought i was in great shape. so i was surprised when my doctor told me i still had high cholesterol. that really hit me, and got me thinking about my health. i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control. but exercise and eating healthy weren't enough for me. now i trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60%. lipitor is backed by over 17 years of research.
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11:45 am
significant delays and we're going to see a lot of rain throughout the east coast tomorrow. and a manhunt is on right now in new york for a man accused of savagely beating a woman at a bar after she refused to dance with him. police say the man in this surveillance video followed the woman into the restroom early thursday and viciously attacked her in the bathroom. the suspect beat the woman until she was unconscious. the woman's friend later found her in the stall and called 911. the victim suffered a broken eye socket, a broken jaw and other injuries. and this week a jury in california recommended a serial killer who was convicted of crimes dating back 30 years finally be put to death. rodney ocala was convicted of murdering a 12-year-old in '79. now l.a. authorities are releasing photographs he took in an effort to find what could be unidentified victims. john cassidy of the orange county register joins us now by phone. john, thanks for joining us.
11:46 am
>> glad to be here. >> so these pictures, some of them, are nearly 30 years old. why are authorities just releasing them and asking the public for help? >> that's a good question. exactly what's behind the timing of it, presumably the most recent event in the trial was his death sentence, so there's no concerns about that sort of thing. there are all these older cases and any number of them could be victims. now that they've -- they have their conviction they can see about tying up any loose ends. >> when they say possible victims, we know that he was convicted of murder and rape. do they believe maybe some of the victim in these photographs were killed by them? >> they do believe it's a possibility. ocala's -- aside from what he's been convicted -- he's been a suspect in a number of other cases specifically two women in new york who disappeared during the '70s. one he was the last one to see her alive and the other fingerprints of his near the
11:47 am
scene. and he just, i think, fits the profile of a serial killer and they're concerned some of these other women who disappeared in the '70s may conceivably have been his victims. >> now that he's facing the death penalty, and we've seen this with other serial killers who then tell police bits and pieces of information since they know their time is winding down, is he cooperating at all or are they just depending on showing these pictures on national tv and hope someone comes out and gives them some information? >> no, i don't think he's cooperated at all. he's fought this every step of the way and has never admitted his guilt in a lot of these cases. they are basically just hoping that people will recognize themselves or people they know and come back. as of yesterday they'd heard from some people who identified -- or recognized themselves in the photos and called to say, that's me. i'm still here. i'm still alive. >> that's incredible, jon. do we know how many pictures they're showing? >> i think they released around 125 and there are some others that are too explicit for any major media to be publishing and
11:48 am
they wouldn't release them because of privacy concerns. some of them they've been tracking down and others they're hoping the public will get in touch with them. >> jon cassidy with "the orange county register." he's been sidelined since thanksgiving and now word that tiger woods is returning and we know perhaps when. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ ♪ could open a world of wonder ? ♪ ♪ so sensory ♪ so satisfying
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11:51 am
is tiger woods ready to come ba back? rumors are running rampant that the superstar golfer is staging his comeback for sooner rather than later. the senior editor of "golf mag deep" we're not going to talk about rumors but what we believe to be the facts at this point and he's coming back to the masters, do you think? >> the key phrase is at this point. yesterday everybody said bay hill. the associated press is reporting the masters. they've been right in the past with his last return. and it makes sense if he's going to come back, make the big splash. there's limited fans. there's limited media.
11:52 am
it comes with its own problems as well, but it's as good a place as any which is going to be an uncomfortable situation. >> the biggest problem is the pressure. it is golf's major event. you could argue, yes, go big or go home, but this is big pressure. >> i don't know if anybody can really predict what it's going to be like for tiger there. he's known as the guy who can handle the pressure. this is pressure from his personal life which is different than golf, but that's something that i don't think is going to bother him. i think the part that's uncomfortable with him is the media. once i get on the course it's a relief for him. he's looked at inside the ropes as his area, his zone. >> we talk about his possible comfort or discomfort, what about the masters? do they want to have the circus at this stately event or will they enjoy the enormous ratings if he plays? >> they're going to hate it. they're going to hate it. they don't really care about the ratings. the tournament they've always looked at is bigger than golf. not bigger than golf but bigger than television. he's a four-time champion. i think they're welcoming him
11:53 am
back, welcoming him to play. i don't think they want a tabloid atmosphere and it's one of the things that will be a little difficult with this tournament is it's a well organized tournament but it's a very toughly organized tournament. if you're aggressive media and the masters it's not going to be a good mix. >> you know golfers better than anyone else and the fans of the game. if he wins this -- if he wins the masters his first time out after the scandal, is it over? is he now back to tiger the golf hero? >> he's tiger the golf hero. he's not tiger the american hero. the reputation side is something he will look at for years. certainly i think he would be a favorite if he entered. >> when will we know definitively? >> the masters has its own special rules. he can just show up and play. he doesn't have to announce. he doesn't have to submit paperwork. he can show up on thursday and he's in the mastest. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll see what happens and hope to have you back on. thank you. well, of course we always
11:54 am
try to pick out a tweet of the day and from one man with scandal to another man with scandal, john edwards, this one comes in from jill. she's in fairfield, connecticut. she said, people -- whenever it starts with people it's not nice. people, i am sick of hearing about john edwards and andrew young and congressman massa and then proceeded to cc it to everybody. so, people, she's sick of it. and we're going to keep covering it, i'm sorry. let me know what you think. that does it for me this hour. i'm tamron hall. it has been a pleasure. i'll see you back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern. we're going to have a new look at the youngest americans known as millenials and we'll talk about the impact they will have. therefore, we're not talking about some of those things that jill campaigned about. contessa brewer picks up the story. what do you have? >> i've been known to start a message with people, too, and usually it's because i'm really frustrated. people --
11:55 am
it's only facebook and twitter not rocket science. top of the hour here, getting into the nitty-gritty details of the negotiations to try to pass the health care reform bill and democratic leaders are telling anti-abortion lawmakers they're not going to get stricter language in that legislation. a real shocker for many american taxpayers. their states won't refund their taxes right away because the states are broke. they need that money. but the money doesn't actually belong to those states. would you be okay with that, waiting another five months or so for your tax refund? and the story that's had cheese lovers debating to taste or not to taste. the couple who has made cheese from human breast milk joins us next. new mousse temptations by jell-o. ♪ three decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock. time for jell-o. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm.
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11:58 am
tgif, everyone. i'm contessa brewer covering the big stories coast to coast. noon in the east, 9:00 in the west, and a health care battle so intense the president is putting off foreign travel to join the fray. democratic leaders are already
11:59 am
feeling optimistic predicting success and hoping to convince reluctant lawmakers with new numbers that would show the senate bill would lower the deficit. >> a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> a wolf in sheep's clothing, jailers releasing this man, 65-year-old predator, after only a few years behind bars. this woman says she was a victim, a sex slave for years. he had heinous, disgusting crimes dating back decades. is there any way to keep a dangerous man like that locked away? attorney gloria allred joins me. and it's like hiring the fox to guard the hen house. drug cartels infiltrating and buying off border patrol. and what's the agency's excuse? they say we can't afford to keep them out. let's begin this hour, though, with a sign of the high-stakes health debate. president obama has delayed his trip to asia to help seal the deal on health care bill. the white house announced this morning robert gibbs even tweeted about it, that the president has pushed his trip


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